I am very curious and enjoy a new challenge, making watercolor the perfect medium for my personality. Working on location has been an integral part of my artistic life and development, through learning to simplify and edit.  Over time, I have begun to equally enjoy, and sometimes prefer, working in the quiet of my studio. Every painting is different.
Watercolor is one of my preferred mediums, along with pastel, oil, and acrylics. Inspiration for new work usually starts with some ephemeral visual cue like a fleeting shadow, or an abstract pattern.  Sometimes, a facial expression will be the starting point for a new work. If the visual interest is there, then there’s hope for a picture. I prefer to do a quick watercolor or pencil study of the 'facts' on the spot, and dig deeper into the mood and atmosphere, back in the studio. Enjoyment also comes from working with the visual memories accumulated over a lifetime of painting landscapes outdoors. 

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